Preparing Students for Miami's Workforce



The Beacon Council and The Beacon Council Economic Development Foundation has presented the One Community One Goal (OCOG) Target Industry Strategic Plan. The report, titled Target Industry Strategies, provides Miami-Dade County with a recommended blueprint for sustained economic development orchestrated holistically across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations.


The Target Industry Strategies Plan identifies themes that intersect all strategic recommendations and provide a unifying thread across a complex set of initiatives designed to create an ecosystem for economic growth in Miami-Dade County. These themes include: a single shared vision, the importance of cooperation across industries and sectors, alignment around a single set of target industries, education as the foundation for growth, and the value of economic diversification. The report offers detailed strategic recommendations for seven target industries and niche sectors that represent long-term global growth potential.


With education as the foundation of the strategic plan, the report identifies more than 80 recommendations for seven target industries—Aviation, Creative Design, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology, International Banking & Finance, Life Sciences and Health Care, and Trade & Logistics.
Below is the table of the identified One Community One Goal growth industries and how Miami-Dade County Public Schools has met the community's needs through course alignments to match the identified growth industries.


Beacon Council One Community One Goal Target Industries



One Community One Goal:

Identified Growth Industries

Miami-Dade County Public Schools:

Course Alignment



Aircraft Parts & MRO
Assembly & Manufacturing
Composite Shops
Flight Simulation & Training

Aerospace Technologies

Avionics Aircraft / Airframe Mechanics

Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics


Creative Design

Advertising & Marketing
Architecture & Engineering
Film, TV Production, & Digital Media
Industrial Design

3D Animation Technology
Applied Engineering Technology

Building Trades & Construction Design Technology
Commercial Art Technology
Communications Technology
Digital Audio Production
Digital Video Production

Engineering Pathways (PLTW)

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Technology & Design Services
Interior Design Service


Technical Design

TV Production


Hospitality & Tourism


Conventions, Conferences & Trade Fairs
Cruise Tourism
Cultural Arts
High Income International Tourists
Medical Tourism
Tourism IT

Culinary Arts
Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts

Hospitality and Tourism


Information Technology


Back Office Support & IT
Computational Science & Health IT
Data Centers
Digital Media
Logistics IT
Mobile Applications
Simulation Technology

Applied Cybersecurity

Applied Information Technology
Business Computer Programming
Computer Systems & Information Technology
Digital Design
Digital Media Design
Game Simulation Programming
Geospatial/Geographic Information Systems Technology
Java Development & Programming
Network Support Services
Network Systems Administration
Technology Support Services
Web Development

International Banking & Finance


International Banks
International Insurance & Wealth Management
Maritime Services & Trade Finance
Mobile Applications
Technical Customer Support & Back Office
Venture Capital & Private Equity

Customer Assistance Technology
Global Finance
International Business

Life Sciences & Health Care


Agricultural Sciences
Back Office Operations
Computational Science & Health IT
Medical Devices
Medical Tourism

Agriculture Biotechnology

Biomedical Sciences (PLTW)

Horticulture Science & Services
Pharmacy Technician
Veterinary Assisting

Trade & Logistics


Distribution Centers
Logistics IT
Maritime Services & Trade Finance
Value-­‐Added Services – Assembly & Kitting

Commercial Class "B" Driving
Commercial Vehicle Driving

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
International Supply Chain Management