Students who choose a career in Cosmetology provide beauty services, such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair. In addition, cosmetologists may be trained to give manicures, pedicures, and scalp and facial treatments; provide makeup analysis; and clean and style wigs and hairpieces.


Instruction in this program is designed to qualify students for employment upon successfully obtaining a Cosmetology license. The content includes, but is not limited to: communication, leadership, human relations and employability skills; safe and efficient work practices; Florida cosmetology law and rules; acquisition of knowledge of the cosmetology/ nails specialist / facial specialist and the related chemistry; bacteriology, anatomy and physiology; art of make-up; and development of skill in performing the manipulative and electrical techniques required in the practice of cosmetology/nails specialist and facials specialist occupations.

Facials Specialty

A student completing the Facials Specialty program is prepared for employment specializing in facials and skin care. Instruction is designed to qualify students for employment upon successfully obtaining a Facials Specialty Certification license.


Nails Specialty


A student completing the Nails Specialty program will be prepared for employment as a licensed Manicurist upon successfully obtaining a Nails Specialty Certification license.


Dry Cleaning and Laundering


Students choosing a career in Dry Cleaning and Laundering are knowledgeable in all phases of laundry and dry cleaning machine operation; natural and synthetic fabric cleaning and care.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as laundry and dry-cleaning machine operators, laundry and dry cleaning workers, spotters, leather cleaners, all-around pressers and hand pressers.





CTE Students with Special Needs
Grades 6-12

Curriculum Standards

Career Education for Students with Disabilities (Repeatable for multiple credit)