Hospitality & Tourism Schools


Culinary Arts


Students choosing a career in Culinary Arts take part in food and beverage preparation, kitchen and dining room assistance, as well as assistance to bakers and cooks in the preparation of salads and dressings, soups and sauces, starches and entrees, baked goods and desserts.


The Culinary Arts instructional program offers a sequence of courses that provides rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further culinary education and careers; and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning, problem-solving skills, work attitudes, employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills, and knowledge of all aspects of the Hospitality and Tourism career cluster.


The content includes but is not limited to all aspects of preparation, presentation, and serving of food; leadership, communication skills, employability skills, and safe/efficient work practices taught in state-of-the-art commercial kitchens.


Culinary and Hospitality Specialties


Students who complete Culinary Arts 1-4 may enroll in this program to continue more advanced training. The content includes, marketing a hospitality business, the relationship of food and science, organizational and planning skills related to catered events, utilization of technology to enhance hospitality businesses, and many levels/types of food preparation. A capstone project is required at the conclusion of both courses of this program.




Hospitality and Tourism

Students choosing careers in Hospitality and Tourism perform a range of skilled tasks including: preparing quotations, informing clients of the various travel destinations, concierge services and managing supplier services, within travel booking agencies, airline reservations, resort hotels or other guest services offices.


Lodging Operations

Students choosing careers in Lodging Operations perform a range of skilled tasks including: preparing quotations, booking reservations, concierge services, guest services, and managing lodging suppliers and vendors within resort, hotel or motel properties.





CTE Students with Special Needs
Grades 6-12

Curriculum Standards

Career Education for Students with Disabilities (Repeatable for multiple credit)